Formación Alcalá

Branding Strategy & Design

Formación Alcalá provides online courses and professional services in health and social sciences with a team of counselors and specialized consultants from recognized universities.


Formación Alcalá




Brand Strategy + Design


Formación Alcala has educated more than 280.000 students internationally with more than 2.000 programs. However, there is a moment where all brands should reinvent themselves to be reborn.

Formación Alcalá was needing a new beginning, a new identity to continue impacting their community.


Bunji team analyzed the company’s past, present and meet with their board of directors to understand the institute’s vision, values, and what they wanted to transmit with theirnew image.

The result was a fresh new image that included brand archetype, concept, image type, colors, logo responsiveness, and how to apply the new image in different online and offline scenarios.

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